Your depression is as unique as you are. But whether you are experiencing severe or mild depression, you undoubtedly have tried hard to get yourself “unstuck.”

Depression is not sadness. Depression is a pervasive, palpable heaviness that can be thought of as your mind and body compelling you to be kinder, gentler and more patient with yourself.

In our harried often stressed-out world, putting ourselves first or taking a psychic break is often talked about, but seldom reinforced. Real demands of school, work, family and finances often get in the way of true peace and contentment — rather than learning how to manage life, we often end up being managed by life.

At Eugene Therapy we believe there is no magic cure or magic pill for depression. Medication may “grease the skids” or help nudge us along so the work of therapy can take hold. To that end, we do offer psychiatric prescribing services at Eugene Therapy.

But ultimately it is a paradigm shift of learning to love oneself, be kind to oneself and honor the wise and authentic self within that brings lasting change.

If you would like to speak with a therapist who treats Depression in Eugene, please request an appointment.