Alyssa MartinMS

Alyssa Martin


  • MS in Counseling, Portland State University
  • BA, Elon University, North Carolina

About Alyssa

Alyssa works on a “private pay” basis, which allows you to avoid the hassle of having to use your insurance, or are uninsured and would like someone with more experience than our interns. Private pay therapists at Eugene Therapy are pre-licensed, working on clinical hours towards licensure, and have completed their Master's degree in counseling from an accredited graduate program.

Alyssa has a master's degree in Counseling from Portland State University and a bachelor's degree from Elon University in North Carolina. Prior to becoming a therapist, Alyssa worked as a film archivist and educator. As a therapist, she believes a strong therapeutic alliance is the foundation for healing and growth. Through a mindful and present connection, she helps clients access their own wisdom with greater clarity.

Alyssa's practice includes elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Art Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Treatment is client-centered and focused on the priorities and needs expressed by the client. She has experience counseling in non-profit, educational and state agency settings. Her clients appreciate her optimism, honesty and steadfast compassion.

Outside of the office, Alyssa harvests and processes plants for use as natural dyes in textile arts. She plays tennis and volleyball and enjoys exploring Oregon's wilderness.